The history of VISION 2020

The hopes and dreams for VISION 2020.

The feeling of worth in one's work, when does it fade away?

Is work just a means to earn a living, to provide for one's family?

If so, then what you want to do in life, your own thoughts, stand to be crushed.

Even though the desire to make a change is there, an invisible wall stands in the way.

There's the ideal situation, and then there's reality. "It's fine as is, I guess...," one might sigh.

But, consider that we spend most of our lives working.

Simply doing as one's told can't be the best way to spend all that time.

If only a little bit, we want to help those dissatisfied with their work.

If only by a few, we want to grow the number of those with asipirations for their work.

ISAO will not give up. In order to take this challenge on,

"we will make work around the world more fun," this is what we have taken on as our mid-term outlook and vision.

To make work around the world more fun,

ISAO will strive to deliver efficient information management and create unique services.