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Global presence of “Made in Japan"
Our philosophy and our challenges.

Established since 1999, ISAO has strived to “Create and provide FUN” through the Internet.

We have faced many trials & tribulations such as suffering from major deficits for over 5 years within the 20 years that we had been in business.

And it wasn’t until 2012, when all of our staff united to fight for our survival and rebuild the company to a profitable company as it is today.

But there was something more important to us than just rebuilding our business, and that was to completely change our company culture.

Corporate hierarchy and bureaucracy was getting in the way of each individual’s performance hindering their potential.

Zero management, zero hierarchy, zero bureaucracy, zero information gap
With these 4 zeros, it transformed our team dramatically to aspire for the very flat model.
By changing our work environment to a much joyful environment, our teamwork improved as our business became more stable.
And as we faced our issues head-on, we naturally developed new services such as “Goalous” and “Mamoru"

As the internet emerged, Japan was left behind the rest of the world experiencing the “lost 20 years” and has been the same ever since.
And the biggest factor to that is simply because Japan has not built a world-class level IT service.

We plan to break-out of Japan as a IT company with a diverse group of talents.

And we plan to use our experiences as strengths to build a better service to present to the world.

With all of that in mind, we created our mid-term vision of “A visionary company that brings joy to businesses globally."
We want everyone who uses our services to smile, and in turn make the world a more fun place.

We in TeamISAO will continue to envision that as we face our challenges in the coming future.

Keiji Nakamura
28 August 1970
Born in Niigata
March 1993
Graduated from Chiba University
April 1993
Joined Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
March 2004
Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A.
April 2006
CEO at Toyota Tsusho ID Systems GmbH
October 2010
CEO at ISAO Corporation.
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